Are Cavities Reversible? 

If you search online for "natural ways to reverse a cavity," you will find a long list of tips, including changing your diet and oil pulling. 

But, are any of these tips true? Can you actually reverse a cavity? 

Keep reading to get the final answer. 

How Cavities Happen 

Our teeth are incredibly strong, but eventually, they will get cavities if we don't take good care of them. 

Every time we eat or drink anything other than water, our mouths become very acidic. That's because the bacteria in our mouth love to feed on the food debris and they emit acid as they do it. 

Drinking a tall glass of tap water and brushing our teeth daily with fluoride toothpaste are good ways to remove bacteria-filled plaque and give the teeth a layer of protection. 

But, if you are a frequent snacker and have poor oral hygiene habits, the acids the bacteria release will slowly destroy the enamel layer. When that happens, bacteria will be able to enter the dentin and create more damage there on their way to the pulp of your tooth. 

Can Cavities Be Reversed? 

The answer depends on the stage of the cavity. 

The first stage of a cavity is called demineralization. It happens when your teeth have been exposed to acids a lot and they start losing minerals and enamel. It usually appears as white spots on the tooth, although they can be difficult to notice by an untrained eye. 

At this stage, cavities can still be reversed, although not by oil pulling or any other health hack you may find online. 

The only way to reverse a cavity at this stage is through preventive dental care. The dentist will clean your teeth to remove any plaque and tartar, then use a fluoride treatment that will remineralize the tooth and protect it from further decay. 

You play an important part too in this process. Here's how. 

Your Oral Hygiene Matters Too 

The dentist can only do so much in reversing a cavity. If you continue to neglect your oral health, the bacteria will eventually reach the inner layers of the tooth and lead to a cavity that can only be treated with a drill. 

If you want to reverse a cavity, in addition to professional dental cleanings and fluoride treatments, you should also: 

  • Reduce snacking to lower the acid levels in your mouth 
  • Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste 
  • Use an antiseptic mouthwash to kill bacteria 
  • Floss to remove food trapped between your teeth 
  • Drink tap water after consuming acidic foods and beverages like coffee, carbonated beverages, tomatoes, etc. 

Prevention Is Key 

When it comes to cavities, prevention is the best treatment. Schedule regular appointments with Eagle Mountain Dentistry so that Dr. Renas can spot any early signs of trouble and give you the best treatment. 

Get in touch with us online to book your next appointment. 

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